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Are you aware that strain concentrates can be found in various forms, including crumble, wax, honeycomb, and shatter? Smoking strain with a shatter provides an experience unlike anything else. It’s the most intense way to enjoy your strain.

Shatter is a highly potent, brittle crystalline form of strain created through an extraction process using specific solvents such as Butane or Isopropyl alcohol. While it may be easily confused with smoking wax due to its composition, shatter contains much higher concentrations of cannabinoids than other forms for maximum potency and efficacy. 

Many people enjoy smoking shatter because of its clean taste, high concentrations of THC, and fast-acting effects. Canna Cheap truly understands your concern and comes with a guide that helps you to enjoy smoking shatter in the best possible way. So let’s explore how you can smoke shatter.

Benefits Of Smoking Shatter

yellow orange cannabis concentrate wax close up, high thc dab resin.

Smoking shatter can benefit those seeking an alternative to smoking flowers. Shatter is more potent than traditional flowers, meaning fewer inhalations are needed to achieve the desired effects. It also burns slower and more evenly, allowing users to draw out the flavor before enjoying the enhanced effects. 

Additionally, because it contains higher levels of THC and CBD than flower, users can expect an increased sensation of euphoria and relaxation. Some of the most common benefits associated with smoking shatter include the following: [1]

1. Better Taste Than Traditional Flower

Shatter offers a more pleasant flavor than traditional flowers, with a smoother taste and fewer harsh chemicals often associated with smoking. Moreover, because it is typically made from bubble hash or rosin-pressed strain, users can expect to enjoy the true essence of their chosen strain without any additional additives.

2. More Potent Effects Than A Flower

Given its higher concentration of THC and CBD, shatter can produce enhanced effects compared to flowers. Many users report feeling a more intense relaxation and euphoria lasting for hours. Additionally, shatter often contains more than  60% THC compared to other strains. It is much more potent than a flower, meaning users require fewer inhalations to achieve their desired effects. [2]

3. Low Cost

It is affordable to purchase shatter compared to flowers, making it great for those on a budget. Moreover, smoking shatter can save you money in the long term because fewer products are needed to achieve the desired effects.

4. Easier to Handle

Shatter is much easier to handle than flowers due to its solid form. This makes it less likely that users will make a mess when handling the product and makes it easier to transport. Additionally, because it is more concentrated than a flower, users require less product to achieve their desired effects.

The Best Ways To Smoke Shatter

Smoking Shatter is all fun. You experience a flavorful, potent high that’s unlike any other. But if you don’t know how to smoke Shatter properly, it could be an overwhelming or disappointing experience. Here’s all the information you need to learn how to smoke shatter easily. [3]

1. Smoking Shatter With An E Rig

Smoking electronic cigarette. Shallow DOF. Developed from RAW; retouched with special care and attention; Small amount of grain added for best final impression. 16 bit Adobe RGB color profile.

The most popular way to smoke Shatter is with an e-rig. If you’re all about savoring the unique taste of a dab, then investing in an electronic dab rig is your best bet. Not only does it heat up quickly and work efficiently, but its compact design makes for easy transportability. 

With an E-rig device, you will have absolute control over your smoking experience, truly giving you something to be thankful for afterward.

An e-rig is designed with an advanced titanium coil and atomizers for maximum vapor production. Still, its true advantage lies in its automatic modes, which allow you to find the perfect temperature setting that suits your needs. With this feature, clouds of thick smoke are easily within reach.

If you’re looking for an e-rig, consider one with a powerful battery that runs long and allows you to enjoy multiple smoking sessions. Many of these devices are also customizable to tailor the size of your smoke clouds. For first-timers, pick an easy-to-use device without too many intricate features. Be sure to purchase a model made from durable aluminum alloy materials and titanium heating elements for longer-lasting use.

2. Smoking Shatter In A Pipe

Two wooden pipe with smoke and tobacco pile on vintage wood.

Want to learn how to smoke shatter in a pipe? This method is simple, low-cost, and doesn’t require any fancy equipment. All you need is your choice of pipe; metal or glass will do the trick. Once you’ve got it ready, load the shatter onto the bowl area, take a deep breath, and light up.

Choose a pipe with an even heat distribution to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. This will allow the shatter to melt evenly without causing any uneven burning. Additionally, ensure you get one with enough airflow so that smoke doesn’t escape too quickly and diminishes the flavor of your dab.

Nowadays, pipes of a more advanced design have been developed. They boast microchannel structuring, stainless steel filters, and anodized aluminum bodies that render them high-end and unique. Additionally, these modern designs are equipped with an innovative mechanical heat extraction process, which eliminates water usage.

 Investing in a high-caliber pipe or dab rig with filtering and cooling attributes is the ultimate way to savor the fullest concentrated smoke experience.

3. Smoking Shatter With A Bong

Young man smoking pot using bong; detail of male hand filling up bong with cannabis, getting it ready for use

Smoking Shatter with a bong is an alternative method of consumption that has gained popularity over the years. If you want to get creative, install a glass nail into your bong and prepare for a new smoking experience.

A glass nail can be affordable in any smoke shop or online store. Once you have it, insert the nail into your bong and heat the tip with a portable torch. When vapor begins to form, take a deep breath and pull the vapor right through the neck of your piece.

This method combines water filtration and direct inhaling for a smooth smoking experience that doesn’t overpower your senses. With a bong, you can easily control the temperature of your hit and adjust it to suit any preference.

No matter what method you choose to smoke Shatter, make sure you use clean tools, accessories, and shatter itself for the best experience. Canna cheap has various flavors of shatter to choose from and always ensures that our products are up to the highest standards. Invest in quality materials today and indulge in a unique smoking experience. Contact us for more information. 


1. How to smoke shatter with nothing?

Smoking shatter with nothing isn’t unheard of, but it requires some skill and creativity. You can make DIY pipes out of foil or other materials to use as makeshift pipes for smoking shatter. To do this, simply roll up a sheet of aluminum foil into the shape of a cone and poke holes in the top and bottom. Place the shatter inside the foil cone, light it from below, and inhale through the top hole.

2. What is the best thing to smoke shatter?

Oil rig pipes, or dab rigs, are the best tool for smoking shatter. They have a banger (a small bowl-like attachment) and a nail that you heat with a butane torch. Once it’s hot enough, drop your shatter into the banger and inhale through the mouthpiece. Just make sure to use a dome to keep the vapor from escaping.

3. Is shatter supposed to be complicated or soft?

The final product of shatter should be hard and brittle, not soft or squishy. If it is too weak, it hasn’t been purged of all solvent residue and isn’t safe to smoke.

4. Is shatter worth it?

Customers have asserted that the extended shelf life of shatter makes it well worth the extra money. Shatter is especially popular among medical patients who need a reliable and potent medicine. Many people also find the shatter flavor superior to other strain concentrates. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the cost and effort are worth it for your taste in THC products.





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