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Do you know how long does an edible last? This is a common and most-asked question in many people’s minds. Edibles are a type of food that contains strain in them, so their effects last longer than smoking or vaping.

Edible strain products are things that contain cannabinoids that you eat or drink. They deliver cannabinoids into the body via the digestive system and offer an alternative to vaping strains or smoking.  Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in strain and affect your mind and body when used. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid that makes a person happy. 

An intoxicating Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-addictive cannabinoid that may contain some tonics. The treatment is beneficial, although more research is needed to confirm its potential clinical utility. There is a wide range of edible strain products, but some edibles may look like hemp. Common edibles are not food and are not intended to provide any nutrition.

Canna Cheap gives you a complete guide to edible long-lasting that helps you enjoy edibles the best way. Let’s know how long does an edible last. 

How Long Does An Edible Last?

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Although it takes longer to consume than to smoke or vaporize, edibles still last longer. The average edible dose can last 6 hours or more, with the most potent effects occurring 3 hours after inhalation. [1]. This depends on factors such as metabolism, diet, and tolerance. Taking a large or very potent THC level dose can cause a long-lasting impact as it takes time for the body to flush the THC out of the system.

People’s tolerance levels play a big part here. An individual not addicted to strain products may experience stronger and longer-lasting effects if they take a single dose than someone who uses strain regularly. Tolerance levels also depend on how much strain a  person smokes or consumes over time.

Benefits Of Ingesting Edibles

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People who use medicinal strain often prefer to eat it rather than smoke it because the benefits associated with this method include:  [2]

1. Accessible To Everyone

No need to go out for groceries. People who cannot smoke may find it easier to use edibles.

2. Discreet

As with most medications, taking edibles without seeing others is possible. Unlike smoking, edibles are not related to odor. This can be helpful for people who use THC for medicinal purposes and need to take it while working.

3. Safe For Lungs

THC smoke holds carcinogens. Edibles don’t have to inhale the smoke and burn strain; therefore, they do not constitute the same risks. THC smoke irritates the throat like tobacco smoke, and the lungs cause cancer. 

Regular inhaling of THC smoke is related to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. 

4. Long-Lasting Effects

The consequences of edibles remain longer than vaping THC or smoking. Edibles are ideal for those who want long-lasting relief from smoking symptoms without having to constantly ingest them throughout the day.

Easy To Use

Consuming edibles are simple because they don’t need any type of equipment, like a grinder or rolling paper, and you don’t have to go out to try them.

Side Effects And Risk Factors of Edibles

Edibles containing THC release the compound into the same high as smoking and cause feelings of relaxation and euphoria. The highest amount will vary based on the type and overall strength of the cannabinoids in the food.

Some people choose edibles over smoking to avoid damage to their lungs, while others prefer edibles. THC products are generally non-toxic, and the risk of dangerous overdose is shallow.

However, ingesting too many edibles is possible but can cause uncomfortable side effects. Overdosing on THC with food is more likely because, unlike smoking, the body does not warn the person. By the time any symptoms of overeating appear, it is too late because the body is already processing the edible.

Overuse of strain can cause several side effects, such as inability to concentrate, slurred speech or babbling, short-term memory loss, nausea, rapid heart rate or breathing rate, low blood pressure, muscle contractions, panic attacks, severe anxiety, and deception. [3]

Common Forms of Edibles That Are Delicious and Healthful

This is a stock photograph involving cannabis, marijuana and its implications in America has just slowly been legalized and used for medicinal and medical purposes and what that means to our economy and culture.

Edibles are available in different forms, and their new products hit the market almost daily. Some common types of edibles include: 

1. Baked Items

Consuming baked goods infused with strain is perhaps the most popular form of edibles. Brownies, cookies, and cakes are just a few examples of cannabis-infused baked items available on the market.

2. Beverages

From cold brew coffee to tea and soda, edibles come in many liquid forms. Some of these liquids contain high levels of THC, so it’s essential to read the label.

3. Candies and Sweets

Edibles in candies and sweets are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy strain effects without that characteristic strain taste.

4. Tinctures

Tinctures offer a unique way to experience strain effects without having to smoke or vape them. They are made with alcohol, allowing you to absorb cannabinoids effectively through your mucous membranes.

5. Capsules

Capsules, made with strain oil, offer a smokeless and discreet way to experience the effects of edibles without having to taste anything.

6. Concentrates

Concentrates are potent strains containing high levels of THC and other cannabinoids. They come in many forms, including wax, shatter, and oil.

No matter what edible you choose to consume, it’s important to remember that they can take longer to produce effects than other strain consumption. Start with small doses and wait at least an hour before consuming more to avoid overconsumption. Enjoy your edibles responsibly.

Canna cheap has several types of edibles to choose from. We always ensure that our products have the highest standards that meet the requirements of people. So, to get high-quality strains, invest with us and enjoy eating edibles. Contact us today for more information. 


1. How long should I wait after taking an edible?

Edibles take approximately 30-60 minutes before you experience the effects. Yet, the onset time is based on factors like active ingredients and dose/concentration of THC; How long does it take for edible to kick in? if higher amounts are present, it can kick in sooner.

2. Do edibles make eyes red?

THC is the culprit behind red eyes after consuming strain edibles, so any edible containing THC could lead to this result. However, rest assured that this symptom isn’t dangerous. The upside of ingesting an edible over inhaling smoke means you can avoid these symptoms altogether!

3. Can I have edibles on an empty stomach?

Edibles can be consumed anytime, regardless of whether your stomach is full or empty. However, if you have a full tummy when eating them, the Delta-8 won’t absorb as quickly, and the effects may not be as strong as an empty stomach. Therefore, enjoying edibles on an empty belly is recommended for maximum potency.


[1] https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/how-long-do-edibles-last#effects

[2] https://www.netdoctor.co.uk/healthy-living/wellbeing/a36210512/edibles/


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