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Overcoming the High: How Long Does it Take to Recover from Edibles?

Many THC users use the effects of edibles as a way to experience an intense high. But what happens when that high lasts longer than expected? How long does it take to recover from edibles? Well, it depends. Some might take just a few hours, while others could take days. …

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Myths and Facts About Edibles: Separating Truth from Fiction

Stone Age cave paintings depicting the consumption of psychoactive substances suggest that people have been consuming edibles for a long time. But what do we know about them? How can you tell the myths and facts about edibles? There is no shortage of misinformation, but we are finally here to…

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THC Cartridge: Benefits and Drawbacks

Do you want to get high without the hassle? Do you want to be discreet? Well, summing up all your requirements, THC cartridges are the way to go. THC cartridges are becoming increasingly popular among strain users as they make it easy to dose your THC and get an accurate…

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